Keratin Treatment

Are you sick of your dry and frizzy hair? Are you looking for the ways to make your hair beautiful, silky and straight? Do you know the basics about the hair treatments and what you want for your hair? Do you want the Keratin treatment for your hair but not sure exactly about its procedure and pros and cones? You will get the complete details in this article that would help you in deciding whether this is the best treatment for your hair or you should opt for another treatment. Let’s learn about what the Keratin treatment actually is.

What is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin Treatment is basically a chemical procedure that is applied to the frizzy and rough hair to make them smoother and shinier than ever before. In most of the cases, the results of the keratin treatment may last up to approximately six months or a little more depending on the growth and texture of your hair.
Different companies manufacture the products for the keratin treatment and packed them in a box and sell them into the market on different prices but it is highly recommended for skin or hair treatments that whenever you decide to go for the treatment, always use the high-quality products of a trusted brand or company. This is because they assure you that their products will not harm your hair in any way if applied in a right way while the products of low-quality brands may damage your hair in a way that could never be reverted back.

Keratin Treatment Process

For this treatment, you may first need to go to the salon and consult with the hair specialist about this procedure. She will firstly check the texture of your hair and tell you whether your hair is capable enough to bear the chemicals of the treatment or not.

If your hair would be stronger enough to go through the procedure of keratin treatment without any damage, then the hair specialist will tell you the cost of going through the treatment depending on the length of your hair. In some cases, it is recommended to apply a test on one or a few strands of the hair to check the results.

If the results are excellent or as desired, the treatment should be continued, otherwise not. However, if you are all ok with the treatment procedure and cost, then the process could be performed on to your hair.

In this process, the first step is the hair washing in which the hairstylist will thoroughly wash your hair with a good and reliable shampoo without any conditioner in order to avoid any extra layer of anything on to the hair and to clean all the dust or oil from your hair.

After that, the hair stylist will roughly dry your hair with the hairdryer but not fully dry. After that, she prepares the keratin treatment with the keratin products and then applies it with either brush or gloved hands on to your hair from top to bottom. After half an hour, when the formula had gone into the depth of each strand of hair, the hairs are also gone through the process of blow-drying.

Then, she will use a ceramic iron to straighten your hair in very smaller sections so that the heat of the iron could go to each strand of the hair and each and every curve from the hair could be removed.
After the above steps, you are asked to go back home and instructed to avoid letting your hair wet or curved through anyway. After three days, the hair are washed properly by the hair stylist and now your hair will be more beautiful, silkier, and smooth with no fizziness and tangles.

Difference between Keratin Treatment and Chemical Relaxers

Keratin is basically a protein which is found in the hair, skin, and nails and is very important for the good nourishment of these parts of our body. In the keratin treatment, a cream containing formaldehyde is thoroughly brushed into the hair which transforms the frizzy hair into the straight hair.

In this treatment, once the keratin mixture is applied on to the hair, the hair will then only blow dry and then flat-ironed while no other task is performed on to them. As compared to it, the chemical relaxing involves the application of very strong chemicals on to the hair such as in rebounding of hair or in the procedure of X-tenso.

Keratin treatment is not as dangerous on the hair as the other procedures due to the use of harmful chemicals. In contrast to the keratin treatment, the fixers are also used in other treatments such as rebounding of hair in which the actually bonding in the stands of hair is being broken and the new bonds are forms which turn the strands of hair into tangle-free and straight.

Cost of Keratin Treatment

The cost of keratin treatment is not at all fixed for every person. Rather, it varies according to the length of your hair as well as the texture. A number of salons have divided the cost of getting keratin treatment into three categories.

First is the keratin treatment for shoulder-length hair which is relatively less priced than the other two categories. If you have shoulder-length hair, then the cost of getting them keratin straight may range from $150 to $250 depending on the type of salon you choose as well as the type of brand for keratin products.

Second is the mid-length hair in which the keratin treatment is applied to the hair which may be longer than shoulders but shorter than the back, e.g. hip level. The price of getting the keratin treatment for the mid-length hair may go from $250 to $350 depending on the products as the rank of the salon from where you get the treatment.

The third is for the long hair, maybe hair length may go till hips.  If you have very long hair, then the estimated cost of getting the keratin treatment on your hair may start from $350 and goes up to $600 or more but again, it will depend on the salon and the product types.

After Treatment Care

There are some bits of advice that you must follow after this keratin treatment. First of all, you must keep in mind that your hair has just gone through a big process of transformation and therefore, they now need extra care than what you were doing before.

Right after getting the treatment, it is compulsory to leave your hair straight and avoid getting them wet until they are being washed again by the hair stylist after the third day of the treatment. Furthermore, it is also highly recommended to avoid ponying your hair very tightly because it may return the curves into your hair.

If you want to tie your hair after this procedure, you should tie them softly with some clip or so which will not add tangles into the hair. Another advice is to make frequent use of hair oiling because oiling is the best thing for the hair to make them healthier and to moisturize them. along with it, you must buy a good quality hair mask of any good brand and use it once a week after shampooing your hair.

Myths and Precautions

Before getting the treatment, it is important to look into the details of some myths and actual precautions so that you may go through the process without any tension in your mind. First of all, a number of people say that the breastfeeding mothers should not go for this treatment because of the reason that the chemicals used in such procedures could be absorbed by the skin and may travel towards the breasts through the bloodstreams and get mix into the breast milk which ultimately harms the baby who is breastfeeding.

To be honest, there is no such evidence to prove this and hence it is just a myth that should not be supported.

Second thing is that some of the hair stylists in the salons say that they would not perform the treatment during your menstrual cycle because the imbalance of hormones during the menstrual cycle may affect the functionality and efficiency of the keratin mixture and hence, it fails to get the hair straight as expected.

However, many other hairstylists at other salons argue that the imbalance of hormones has just nothing to do with the keratin treatment and hence they call it a myth.

Moreover, it is usually said that the pregnant women should not go through the keratin treatment as it may harm the fetus in their uterus. However, there is no thorough research being conducted so far on this issue and therefore, without knowing the actual link behind the keratin treatment and pregnancy, the pregnant women should not go for the treatment as there may be a risk for them.

They must consider this precaution before going to the salon but still, they should consult their doctor as well as hairstylist before taking the final decision.

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